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Monday, October 08, 2007

Applebaum Variations

Mark Applebaum (who turned 40 on October 13th, 2007) wrote a "Theme in Search of Variations". As an exercise for his composition seminar, Mark asked each student to compose a variation to this theme. This score and MP3 (poor quality midi) represent my response to his theme.

Applebaum Variation
All parts

As far a structure, I model the variation on his 'second' theme. I borrow one of his compositional techniques in the process, where I build a sequence, alternatively dropping his measures and splicing in a 'second' variation directly within his 'second' theme. If you look carefully, you'll see the second and third bars are the first and second of his second section, followed by two bars of my variation, followed by his bar, etc. The spacing algorithm: 1,2,x,4,x,x,7,x,x,x etc. where x is my new variation.

To build my variation, I used material from Prokofiev's 7th sonata (seemed a nice contrast to the 'grove' feeling of Mark's theme). Yet I have the metrically structure follow the metrical structure of his first section. Eventually we reach the end of Mark's second section, but before the last beat, a parenthesis is inserted with the substantial clarinet section. Of course, here is the first time Mark's bars (1,2,4,7) are played continuously, but only a monophonic line in the Crotales. When the finally beat of Mark's last measure is reached, then we have continuity for an abridged statement of my variation. If you note, the algorithm was broken initially, and so here finally repaired in the final...

SfSound will perform the piece on November 13th. I hope to post a recording of that performance here shortly.


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Hi Jeff

I listened your music in the concert, I like your variation in the concert, and interesting in what you say about your idea, but I am not very understand the "algorithm" you say, because I didn't see the orginal theme score.


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