b Riding East: May 2015

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Étude-Tableaux No. 1: Lander Pass

I wrote a new piece last month, Étude-Tableaux No 1. I realized after I wrote it that it made sense alongside a piece I wrote in '07, Lander Pass. The problem with "Lander Pass", however, was I had only played it from memory -- I'd never written out the score. When I got sick last month and couldn't leave my house for a couple weeks, I made the time to finally transcribe the piece.

It ended up being difficult to transcribe as I realized that my improvised playing from sketches was virtually impossible to notate. The timing and meter were all over the place. I changed and simplified the piece somewhat as a result. I hope it is better. "Lander Pass" is now Étude-Tableaux No 1, and the previous No 1 is now No 3. No 2 is also already written (mostly), and coming soon.

I sat down and recorded No 1 earlier this afternoon. There are several sections where I'm faking it still, and the arpeggios just aren't even or clean. One day...

Étude-Tableaux No. 1
Étude-Tableaux No. 1 score