b Riding East: January 2008

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Mass #1 Performance

The Stanford Memorial Church under the direction of Greg Wait along with Organist Robert Huw Morgan performed two movements of my Mass #1 this past November. As always, we could have used a few more rehearsals. In the Kyrie for example, the tenor and alto parts on the "Christe" phrases don't rise above the sopranos, possibly preventing an understanding of the conflict and resolution in these phrases. Yet I was pleased that the choir & Robert performed the pieces, and appreciate Greg taking on the challenge. I particularly enjoyed Debbie's solo in the Sanctus.

Mass #1 Kyrie
Mass #1 Sanctus

Erika's family attended the performance.

Applebaum Variation Performance

As a follow up to a previous post, sfSound performed my Applebaum Variation at a concert at Stanford in November. Here is an MP3 of the performance, as well as a reference to my score for the piece.

The performance recording presents several challenges: it is not evident the performers understood the structure of the piece -- specifically the metrical relationships of the phrases. The balance is also a challenge -- in particular, the strings are not audible throughout vs the percussion. Of course there is the issue with the notes themselves. I don't believe an interpretation of the piece was therefore remotely possibe. After hearing a rehearsal the night before I proposed pulling the piece as it was evident sfSound had not practiced the piece (it's not obvious to me that they looked at the score prior to the rehearsal). I was persuaded to not pull the piece. And so, it was a learning experience, and I made sure I was properly sedated for the performance.

Applebaum Variation