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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mass #1: Agnus Dei & Organ Canon

The first draft of my first mass is now complete. I threw away the previous 'Dona' and wrote the new agnus dei movement from scratch. I also have inserted an organ solo in between the two movements of the Credo, and have rewritten the organ introduction to Credo II.

I need to let it sit for a bit, and then come back and fix the broken sections (for example the transition in the Agnus Dei).

Kyrie Score

Gloria I
Gloria I Score

Gloria II
Gloria II Score

Credo I
Credo I Score

Organ Canon
Organ Canon Score

Credo II & Sanctus
Credo II & Sanctus Score

Benedictus Score

Agnus Dei
Agnus Dei Score


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