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Monday, April 30, 2007

Stanford Memorial Church Choir and Organ Performance

Greg Wait graciously agreed to perform my chorale #4 on April 22nd. The recording is not exceptional, but I'm greatful for it anyway. I also include Robert Huw Morgan's performance of two pieces in the same service.

I've included the revised score of the chorale #4. We found that sustained high Gs for the sopranos was not a good idea. Greg conducted the piece in 4/8 throughout; of course the rhythm is 3:2:3, etc. As always, a few more rehearsals would have helped (including mode switch in bass/tenor @ m 16 -- b-flat minor). But I thought our choir was exceptional, and I was thrilled to hear this work performed.

In retrospect, I've realized that I remain too harmonic (vertical), and I need to think more about voice leading, as well as allowing more liberties in the hyper meter, as well as phrase alignment with the meter, etc. I'm beginning to believe it not possible to write for choir unless you sing in one and participate in the performance of your own works.

Chorale #4
Chorale #4 final score

Robert Huw Morgan

Carillon by Herbert Murrill (1909 - 1952)
Grand Choeur Dialogue by Eugene Gigout (1844 - 1925)


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