b Riding East: Schumann Fantasy in C Op 17

Friday, February 09, 2007

Schumann Fantasy in C Op 17

I finished a paper on Schumann's Fantasy in C. I'll be performing this piece at my recital, which strangely enough I've scheduled for the afternoon of March 11, forty years after the day of my birth.

I don't think I could have written this paper without having studied the piece in a performance capacity for the past year or so. I also don't think the insight would have been nearly as developed if not for the support of my advisor, Dr. Berger. The book by Nicholas Marston was extremely valuable, as was the biography of Schumann by Daverio.

I intend to record all three movements of the Fantasy over the coming weeks. Ultimately, my interpretation of the piece will be more representative of my views on the work rather than this paper.

Earth's Many Colored Dream: Schumann Fantasy in C Op 17

Briefly, I propose a new model of perceptual analysis to suggest that in fact an intuitive structure and form exists in the first movement.


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