b Riding East: Evening in Transylvania II

Monday, December 04, 2006

Evening in Transylvania II

Well, these aren't really preludes any more, but rather a set of movements from my new song cycle, which really isn't a song cycle as it is currently arranged for a chamber group of flute, clarinet in b-flat, trumpet in c, two violins, a viola, and a cello -- make that two cellos. I'm still building out the variations on Bartok's easy piano piece "Evening in Transylvania".

This work also uses some polytonality. The harmonic progression of Bartok's work is developed on the beat in the high strings, and on the double bar in the low strings. The high strings offer the progression in thirds, then (with some periodic help) in triadic form. The high strings and winds/trumpet move between c minor and g minor as they offer up the progression.

Evening in Transylvania, Allegro Agitato
Score for Octet

Here is a piano arrangement for four hands, one piano:

Piano Primo
Piano Secondo


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