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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Prelude #14

Still working on this one, an assignment for G.C. Aqui. which is due tomorrow. I remain focused on church modes and counterpoint. This prelude is phrygian. G.C. dictated a subject for the exercise.

I listen to the piece now and it sounds like the E minor (tonic) is in fact the dominant. Perhaps this is simply my tonal ear training. Or perhaps the sustained pedal tone on E creates the tension around E, and you want to resolve to A. One of the reasons I like the church modes is the ambiguity they create around a tonal center.

I'm completely swamped this week as I'm teaching CS202 @ Stanford tomorrow evening, and then leading a presentation in Jonathan Berger's seminar on the Schumann Fantasy. Of course I have voice and piano lessons tomorrow as well, in addition to choir practice in the evening. Hmn...

Prelude #14
Prelude #14 Score


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