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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Prelude #5

I've finally set Prelude #5, a chorale prelude, to text. I knew when writing this music what text I wanted to use including several of the key passages, but I wrote the music first and set the text second. I'm not sure, in retrospect, this is optimal. But it produced an interesting piece, a piece that has a lot of meaning for me.

Prelude #5 updated
Prelude #5 Score for Choir (six part)

I guess I'm discovering a spiritual side of sorts -- spiritual as opposed to religious that is. Having grown up in Utah, I've come to accept that spirituality is part of who I am. On the other hand, I haven't concluded whether I'm agnostic or athiest, perhaps agnostic as I don't want to suggest that I have an agenda to convince others of a belief system, and lack any confidence to suggest otherwise. I certainly respect religion and appreciate the lessons it offers life. But I also fear religion, and the power it seems to offer man over man. I've never liked arbitrary power, and I've often witnessed the abuse of such power to subjugate or even exploit people. Yet I can't seem to suppress deeply spiritual feelings I have, humbly offered forth in this chorale. I dedicate the chorale to my mother. I hope it offers her some peace.


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