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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Inferno II: Andante Agitato, first revision

I continue work on the cycle of symphonic pieces composed to text from Dante's Divine Comedy. I now have three movements composed to the Inferno, plus the two cycles from Purgatorio.

I've gone back, as promised, to Opus 7: Inferno II Andante Agitato, the second movement of the Inferno cycle. I wanted to further develop the piece on the return of the A theme, including the addition of a violin 'solo' during the return. The cello and violin additions here are challenging to perform. I've introduced some new concepts here into the return, and so far believe the piece has grown as a result. I still need to finish setting the choral sections to the text I've chosen, again from Canto II as referenced in the first post for this movement.

Inferno II: Andante Agitato
Inferno II score

So, at this juncture, I have more or less three movements, II, III, and IV, to the inferno. I have some ideas for the first (and final) movement, and will begin working on it later this week.


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