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Friday, August 25, 2006

Opus 6: Nocturnes

Opus 6

A set of nocturnes for chamber orchestra in which I, contrary to late 20th century wisdom, embrace song and dance.

Nocturne #1
Nocturne #1 score

Dedicated to my wife Tina.

Nocturne #2
Nocturne #2 score

The B theme is lifted from Shostakovich String Quartet #1, Third Movement. G.C. wanted us to modulate to the flatted 6th, and here I do so (twice). It seems every time I visited Grandma and Grandpa Hillstead, they had that Lawrence Welk show on the T.V. I anticipate another arrangement here with some winds and brass.

Nocturne #3
Nocturne #3 score

I didn't realize that the A theme was lifted from Wagner's Tannhauser until Dr. Berger heard it. I was looking for a way to smooth out the progression on thirds and so introduced a secondary dominant -- voila, Wagner. And by the way, don't argue at night -- you are too tired and should simply go to sleep.

Nocturne #4
Nocturne #4 score

Dedicated to my brother Greg who is a little sharp, or rather lives in a world that is a little flat. I can only imagine what it must be like. You can't just modulate up a minor second. I wonder if Greg would be happy in Naples.


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