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Friday, August 25, 2006

Opus 1: Chorale Preludes

Opus 1.

A handful of chorale preludes. I hope to set all to text over time. I'll probably need to reorganize these preludes.

Tina and I enjoy singing in Gregory Wait's Memorial Church Choir. We also joined Steven Sano's Stanford Symphonic Chorus this past spring for Mozart's Requiem.

Chorale #1
Chorale #1 score

Dedicated to my late father Jerry Petersen Smith. I'm not particularly religious, except that I enjoy singing hymns and chorales -- it reminds of my time in Utah in the LDS Church. I cherish these memories, mostly as I feel closer to my father. He passed away in June of 2000. This is the most simple of the preludes, and came from an assignment in Music 21.

Prelude #4
Prelude #4 score

Dedicated to my late grandmother Evelyn Hillstead. She came and visited us a few months (February of 2006) before she passed away. She attended the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco to see and support my wife and son. The next day she attended the service at the Stanford Memorial church with my family. We sang the hymn quoted in this prelude. My mother played this prelude on the organ at my grandmother's funeral.

Prelude #5
Prelude #5 score

Dedicated to my mother, Karen Hillstead Smith, my first piano teacher, and truly one of the most gifted musicians I've heard play. Many sacrifices to help me study with Dr. Smith at BYU all of those years before Stanford.

Prelude #11 piano
Prelude #11
Prelude #11 score

I love Sibelius. I took a cut at a variation on Finlandia. I'll use the text (eventually) from "Be Still My Soul".


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