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Sunday, August 27, 2006

More Recordings

I sat down this afternoon and recorded a few more of my preludes, plus some Bach and Ravel. It's not perfect, but I'm out of gas at this point. I listen to this stuff and realize that I remain an amateur. For example, I rush the Courante -- if I could only take more time. Tone control is getting better, but I'm still far from where I'd like to be.

Prelude #10

Prelude #11

Prelude #12

Ravel: A la Maniere de Borodine

Bach: French Suite #4: Allemande

Bach: French Suite #4: Courante

Bach: French Suite #4: Sarabande

Bach: French Suite #4: Gavotte

Bach: French Suite #4: Menuet

Bach: French Suite #4: Air

Where is the Gigue, you may ask? I need a few more days on this piece. The ornaments don't sound right at tempo...

Did you realize that each piece in the suite is a baroque dance? According to G. Henle Verlag's Urtext, the Allemande is a German processional dance in 4/4 time. The Courante was originally a French ball-room dance but now under Italian influence is graceful but extremely serious in rhythm. The Sarabande is a Spanish dance with grave melody and emphasis on the second beat. The Menuet -- a favorite French dance of the period, named for the small steps it used. Etc.

I find it strange that most contemporary classical music has little to do with singing and dancing (unless you call Broadway classical!) It almost seems like music is becoming more ethereal over time.


Blogger paul said...

Jeff- Congratulations on creating such a wonderful blog. I am delighted to be able to listen to your compositions and your performances. And, your commentary provides an extra dimension that helps me to enjoy the music more.

Thanks also for sharing the Bach French Suite. You should give yourself more credit – your playing is mature and nuanced. The Sarabande is wonderful and the Air is so light and delicate. Please continue to post! -Paul

12:17 AM  

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