b Riding East: August 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another sad morning

Perhaps one too many of these mornings. Thank goodness for art, for music, and for Ravel.

Technique is getting quite rusty. Need to restructure my life so I, again, have more time for my piano.

Recorded a couple Ravel pieces with my iPhone, the Menuet last week and the Prelude this morning. Probably should have played it a second time as I missed a note the first time... Also, wanted to bring back my Prelude #12 to sit alongside these two Ravel pieces. I realize it's in a different league but, after sitting in the dust for five years, I still enjoy this piece.

Ravel: Prelude
Ravel: Mouvement de menuet, from Sonatine
My Prelude #12