b Riding East: March 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sonata #1 Allegro, Larghetto

Had a lot of fun playing in Prof Barth's master class yesterday....

Making progress on my sonata. Here are drafts of the first two movements.


Sonata form? Of course. The metrical structure serves as the framework vs tonality. 6 = tonic, 7 = dominant... Yes, false recaps, coda, etc. It's all there. Obvious influences of Prokofiev #7, Ginastera #1, etc. There is a polytonal sub-structure, a leitmotif of sorts, utilizing the system I developed with the Inferno works.


Sonata form? Of course. Why not. The obvious binary form + coda proposes early sonata form. The non-obvious phrygian tetrachords (and their inversions) make a passing reference, again a substitute for the traditional tonal framework. The piece is an experiment in creating sound from the niente, and specifically exciting overtones from the bass strings which remain open throughout with a sostenuto pedal. There is an implied tonal progression, but it is opaque. Borrowing from traditional Japanese dance, the broad, perhaps exaggerated gestures pause at moments of stasis to create a lasting image, in this case in sound. Passing reference to Ive's Serenity.